We fly, build, repair, race and train you in flying FPV Drones | Quadcopters | Racing Drones | Freestyle Drones.

So you want to fly drones? We get it….

If you don’t know where to start, need a repair or you want to upgrade a  drone in quality, speed and performance then don’t wait any longer!

Let us set you up with a FPV Drone | Quadcopter | Racing Drone | Aerial Photography platform with the best configuration and hardware available and get you flying faster, higher and with more awesome!

Established in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia we custom build and PID tune your multirotor, racing drone or aerial photography platform to meet your specific needs, wants and flying style. All you need to do is learn to fly.

Send us an email at info@multirotorverse.com and let us help you explore the world of FPV Quadcopters and FPV Multirotors. It’s really lots of fun and not to mention extremely addictive!

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Looking for licenced drone photography, video production and drone surveying services?

Check out www.avianuas.com.au for fully CASA licensed and professional drone services.