RCX 1804 – 2400kv CW/CCW Motors


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This is a great motor for 200-330 sized frames. Testing shows at full load this motor demands between 6A – 8A current. So a 10A ESC is recommended at minimum.

Motor Diameter: Approx. 23.6mm
Motor Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Capable of 6-12~ amps of power draw
Includes 1 spinner (5mm diameter) and 4 M2x5 phillips mounting screws
Motor wire length = 40mm

Which ESC and Props suit this motor?

Testing with a 3S Li-Po, 10A ESC and both 5030 2-3 blade props shows this motors demands between 7.5 – 8.5A at 100% throttle (full load). So a 10A ESC is preferred to avoid overheating if you plan to drive this motor hard.



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