Frsky Taranis X9D Plus Radio Transmitter/Receiver

This item includes Frsky XM+ Receiver!

This item includes Aus wall charger


  • Full Telemetry RSSI alarms (warns you of signal reception problems before disaster can strike)
  • Self test of the transmitter antenna
  • 16 channels (more when combined with external module) Similar to Futaba Sbus system.
  • 60 model memories
  • 64 mixers, 9 flight modes
  • 16 custom curves with 3-17 points each, 32 logic switches
  • Voice or custom sound alerts
  • USB and SD card slot for system expansion
  • Long range system capable of up to 3 times the range of current 2.4 systems
  • Quad bearing gimbals that are silky smooth
  • State-of-the-art open source software
  • Super low latency for ultra quick response (9ms)
  • Large 212 X 64 backlit LCD screen
  • Real-time data logging
  • Receiver lock (program locked to aircraft – limited to FrSky receivers running PXX protocol)
  • JR Style module bay for additional RF modules and so much more
  • Selectable flight mode (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • 2 timers, count up or down, throttle %, talking, etc.
  • Trims – Adjustable from course to extra fine with extended and exponential trims
  • Standard trainer jack
  • ARM Cortex M3 32-bit 60MHz
  • Integrates with CompanionTX – a FREE computer program that is a transmitter setup buddy. CompanionTX (Windows/Mac/Linux) is used to set-up models with the wizard, save, edit and share your models and settings as well as simulate your transmitter or model setup.
  • USB connection for firmware upgrades, sound editing, R/W to the microSD card and integrate with CompanionTX
  • Sticks and pots can be calibrated by the end user
  • Multiple language support (Radio arrives configured for English language)
  • Open source community-driven firmware, so unlike with major manufacturers if you need a special function or have good improvement suggestions just raise your voice, and don’t be surprised if it’s implemented a couple of days later! Visit to meet the developers!

Accepts both 2S 7.4v and 3S 11.1v lipos


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Taranis X9D Plus Radio Transmitter (non EU)


Frsky XM+ Micro Receiver


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