Omnibus F4 with OSD STM32F405RGT6 Flight Controller

Product Details:
Omnibus F4 Flight Controller
Sensor: MPU6000 three-axis accelerometer / three-axis gyroscope (SPI connection)
Power supply: 5V battery input
BEC: None
Receiver: support Sbus or serial port RX interface, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, IBUS and so on.
Supports 3.3v Spektrum satellite receiver
Supports PPM receivers
Buzzer interface
Black box: Yes (need to own TF card)
Supports programmable LED_Strip (turns off Transponder before use)
Support BLheli suite ESC programming
Built-in voltage detection, alarm
Built-in OSD function, BF online tuning
Dimensions: 36 * 36MM, screw holes from 30.5 * 30.5MM, M3
Weight 7.3 g




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