Conditions of Sale

Applies to all sales and repairs via or via any representative of

Before purchasing customers accept full responsibility for operating the equipment or any products purchased from multirotorverse. Customers should understand the relevant laws and rules governing the use of all equipment/products before using or operating such equipment/products and must comply with all relevant laws and rules in your respective country. Multirotorverse accepts no liability whatsoever resulting from the ownership, use or operation of any equipment/products (including but not limited to: aircraft, lipo batteries, chargers, electronics or any device) purchased via multirotorverse. All sales are final once paid by the customer. Multirotorverse reserves the right to cancel any order placed if considered to be false, fraudulent, misleading, unable to be verified or is suspicious by error or omission. Such un-verified orders will be cancelled and monies refunded.

Customers Responsibilities

Customers accept full responsibility for owning, operating and controlling any equipment/products purchased from multirotorverse. Including allowing another person to operate or use any equipment/products. YOU are the responsible person in control of your aircraft and any related equipment/products. It is YOUR responsibility to understand the laws, rules, risks and acceptable conduct required to own and operate all equipment/products relating to remote control (RC) aircraft.

Multirotorverse accepts no liability for damages or loss incurred either directly or indirectly from the ownership, operation or control of any equipment/products purchased from multirotorverse. No consequential loss or warranty is implied or given. It is highly recommended that customers have insurance cover for third party risk and loss from any damages caused by your RC aircraft and associated equipment. Customers must understand the functions of the equipment/products purchased from multirotorverse before operation including reading, watching or learning any information, web links or documents provided by multirotorverse.

Customers are advised to conduct pre-flight equipment and safety checks including location check, failsafe check, range check and lipo cell voltage check before taking any RC aircraft to the skies. Customers should not alter the settings on any equipment or products unless YOU fully understand the effect and consequences of such changes. Quadcopters are not toys. They are capable of harming people, animals, can damage property and cause serious harm. Always check your surroundings and equipment carefully before flying, including taking the necessary precautions to reduce risk to yourself or others.

Quality Assurance

Multirotorvese operates a strict quality control assurance program. All products are tested and checked to be operating effectively before being installed and dispatched to customers. All built-to-order quadcopters are tested according to this quality assurance program and a quality assurance tick (decal) is provided on the package prior to being sent to the customer. The quality assurance testing is conducted in three stages: 1. Voltage test: All circuitry is voltage tested to ensure no shorts, voltage fluctuations or spikes are evident. 2. Calibration and Hover Test: All quadcopters are checked for accurate control and calibration (bench test) and basic hover test (aerial test). Test videos are available on request. 3. Video Test: All video components are tested and checked for effective video downlink and operation. Test videos available on request.

Repairs and Replacement

All claims for repairs and/or replacement is at the discretion of multirotorverse only. Customers may be requested to send photos/videos showing the exact hardware problem in detail to support any request for returns/repairs. Customers are required to complete and sign a return form with any equipment/products sent to multirotorverse for inspection. Customers are liable for all postage costs to return equipment/products for inspection and repair. Repair and/or replacement costs will be quoted after our technicians have completed an inspection of the returned items. Repairs and/or replacement work will be carried out within a reasonable timeframe once approval of the costs have been confirmed in writing by the customer. Customers should note that in some cases, items may need to be sent overseas to be repaired by the manufacturer.

Uncollected and Abandoned Items

Repairs, orders and items not collected 60 days from the date of invoice will be deemed abandoned and can be sold to recover the cost of the invoice or repair at our discretion. The customer will be advised in writing of the intent to sell the items and given 7 days to make the final invoice payment. After this period the goods will be sold to recoup the debt.

Warranty claims

Will be managed on a case by case basis. Warranty excludes: tampering, removal of compliance decals, removal of serial numbers, modification, fusion, reverse polarity, over-voltage damage, short-circuit, chemical corrosion, damage by static charge,  flooding (salt ingress), excludes any/all crash damage, impact damage, failure to use failsafe correctly, failure to setup correctly, failure to comply with warnings on our website, failure to maintain the product, abrasion, damage from lack of training or skill as a pilot, incorrect tools, reflashing the CPU, comm or boot files, software hacks, wrong firmware, dirt ingress, trauma damage or willful misuse, excludes DIY errors, excludes pilot error. Multirotorverse reserves the right to offer repair or replacement for any items returned under a warranty claim.

Products: If products (including batteries) are not purchased from multirotorverse we cannot verify or test the compatibility with multirotorverse products. We accept no liability from loss or damage that occurs from using products not supplied or tested by multirotorverse.

Software: Customers assume full responsibility for any software changes or alterations and any subsequent damage to the hardware, whether caused directly or indirectly by that new software or equipment.

Support: All communication regarding orders, shipping and general questions should be sent to All emails will generally be replied to within 2 business days mon-fri excluding public holidays or other holidays as advised.

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